My Story

Before creating amble8, I learned to trust myself and my abilities.
Today I wish to share with you the beginning of this beautiful adventure!

I have always worked in companies as a stylist but I was not completely fulfilled, the desire to create a project with meaning and a desire to undertake grew every day.

I lived several years, without trust in myself and acceptance of my body, preventing me from living fully my life.

One day I was invited by a friend to a meditation session and since then I practice it every day. Meditation taught me to see life with gratitude, to always see the good side of events, to overcome difficulties in a positive way, and to accept myself as I am, without judging myself.

I have always been fascinated by semi-precious stones and their energy benefits.
One day I bought a pendant with quartz-pink stone, stone related to the heart chakra, promotes love in all its forms and also promotes self-confidence. When I needed confidence I asked it to help me. It should be said that stones are energetic supports and that we ourselves must find other supports of personal development.

When I began to gain self-confidence, I had a new look at my body, to have more love and tenderness towards myself.

Then one day, I had the idea to create a brand linking stones to lingerie. At that time, it was like a revelation, finally I found a project with meaning and where to bloom.

Lingerie is the most intimate garment of a woman, our little secret! For me lingerie has played an important role, I discovered as a woman. Today I wear lingerie with femininity and above all I do it for me!

Probably, my story will echo with other stories, and no matter what path you take, believe in yourself, in your dreams and do not be afraid to find out!

From the moment we understand that love for oneself is the key to a more fulfilling life, I am convinced that we will live happier with ourselves and with others.